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Smile Makeover with Zircon Crowns And Dental Implants

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Our patient came to us with broken, missing and discoloured teeth and had extensive wear and tear.

Several implants were used in the molar and premolar area to replace the teeth and to provide sufficient chewing surfaces. The front teeth were restored with metal free zirconium crowns to provide a natural result.

Amanda was absolutely delighted with the results of her new smile.

I knew if I only went for half the treatment the whole jaw wouldn’t perform 100% and make my existing wobbly teeth worse, so sensibly I went for the full monty!

Details of the Treatment.

2 Extractions
4 Implants
Fix temporary bridge
Temporary crowns
13 zirconium crowns
10 implant supported bridge units

Time Required to Completed Treatment:1 appointment in London for an extraction. then 3 months later the 1st visit to Budapest required 3 days and 4 months later the 2nd visit required 7 working days.

Cost: £9166
Estimated Client Savings: £14000

Lead Dentist In This Case


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