Cheap dental implants an affordable alternative to dentures

Affordable dental implants are now within reach for most ending the prospect of a lifetime wearing dentures

Harley Street dentists are likely to charge around £2,000.00 per implant, making a mouth-makeover a very expensive option.

Losing your teeth, either through age, decay or an accident is an upsetting experience made worse by the thought of wearing dentures. Dental implants are not available on the NHS and until now, dental implants were too expensive for most people to consider. But with the advent of ‘dental tourism’ cheap dental implants are now worth investigating.

In the UK, where dental implants are not available on the NHS, costs to have them made and fitted privately are very high. Top London clinics are likely to charge over £2, 500.00 per implant, making a mouth-makeover a very expensive option. Not all dentists can place implants, only special dental surgeons, plus the treatment has to be done in a specifically equipped dental theatre. These factors, along with the implants themselves all add up to a large bill. But the last decade has seen more and more Britons go overseas where dental treatments like implants are less expensive. One of the most popular destinations for cheap dental implants is Budapest which is considered to be a centre of excellence for this kind of treatment. Costs are lower but the dentists are highly skilled; travel is easy and accommodation cheap, so it’s not surprising it’s become a popular place to have implant surgery.

If you plan to travel to Budapest for dental work do your homework first and check that the clinic has an experienced dental surgeon and that they have their own lab on site. There are some very experienced implant surgeons in Budapest so it’s a good place to start looking for a clinic. Don’t be afraid to ask how many implant procedures the surgeon has done to help you gauge his experience. One of the leading names in Budapest for affordable dental implants is Dr Atilla Kaman who works at our clinic. He is one of the few dentists in the world to hold a Masters in Implantology and has carried out over 15, 000 + implant procedures.

Once you have found your clinic, the dental surgeon will be able to discuss the type of implant you can choose. Typically the clinics in Budapest will use AB Implants, Camlog or Branemark Implants. If it’s good quality but cheap dental implants you’re after, then ask about the Camlog system or AB Implants which are both excellent value for money. The implant is essentially a screw which then holds in place a crown or bridge. Clinics with their own lab on site often run special offers on crowns or implants which can also help to reduce the final bill.

When you are looking at the costs, remember that in most cases you’ll need to factor in two trips; the first session will see the implants placed in the jaw and you’ll be given a temporary bridge. The second trip will have the final crowns or bridges secured. Flight costs to Hungary and hotel prices are very reasonable; you’ll find the whole procedure is at least 60 – 70% cheaper than in the UK, making Budapest the place to go for affordable high quality dental implants.

Current Special Offers

* please note that anyone requiring a longer than 20 min consultation/assessment can add an additional assessment & discussion time for £20

* x-rays can be released for patients after the consultation for £35.  Patients receiving treatment in London and requiring panoramic x-rays as part of their dental treatment will be charged £35/panoramic x-ray

* appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 72 hours before the booked time.  Please note that we are able to offer a free consultation only once and for patients who have not already missed, late cancelled or late rescheduled appointments.

* This offer is valid for new patients only who have not been registered with us before.

The half price teeth whitening offer is available to individual customers attending the Implant Center’s Budapest clinic who’s total cost of treatment is £1000 or more (not including the cost of the teeth whitening). Please be aware that this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

The offer applies for Camlog and Bio Horizons implants in Budapest only.
Please enquire for full details. Offer valid for our new patients only.

This is offer is available for new patients only. Please contact us for more details.