Top tips to help you find the best dentist in Budapest

Finding yourself a good dentist abroad can be a daunting task with so many offering their services. Here are a few guidelines for a trouble free trip

There are some dental treatments such as dental implants that are quite specialised and you’ll want to find a consultant who is very experienced in that field.

Once you’ve made up your mind to travel overseas for dental treatment the next step is researching clinics and dentists. Hungary is the most popular destination in Europe for dental treatments and sees patients from all over the world travel to the capital. But with so many clinics to choose from, how do you find the best dentist in Budapest? The first question to ask is obviously about the clinic’s dental staff. How experienced are they in the treatment you require? Do they have experience of working in the UK and how many years have they been treating patients? There are some dental treatments such as dental implants that are quite specialised and you’ll want to find a consultant who is very experienced in that field. Check that the staff all speak good English which will help you feel more confident and comfortable when having the treatment. The most reputable clinics will have English speaking dentists along with their reception staff and dental nurses.

Find out if the clinic can offer you a consultation in the UK first. The best dentists in Budapest will travel over to London to see patients here, which means you can meet the dentist and agree your treatment plan without leaving home. This is a good time to ask the dentist about aftercare as well. Take note of their recommendations, trustworthy dentists will give you excellent aftercare instructions and will have a clear policy about what to do if you have a problem once you return home. Make sure you receive a comprehensive treatment schedule so you understand exactly what will be happening once you arrive at the clinic, and what costs you should expect. The sign of a good clinic is also the ease of organisation and the help they give you with transport and accommodation, they should understand that you might be feeling anxious and try to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.

Whilst you’re not likely to be a dental expert it’s important to learn about the clinic’s equipment, laboratory and treatment rooms. The best dentists in Budapest will have their own dental laboratory on site to produce the veneers and crowns that are used for their treatments. If you need to have procedures like implants, these will take place in a special dental theatre – check your clinic has fully equipped facilities so you know that all the work will happen in one place.

And finally, the best dentists in Budapest will have lots of customer testimonials for you to read. Their website should show responses from satisfied patients and they may even have a Facebook page where you can get in touch with people who have been to the clinic before…hearing positive stories about the clinic directly from customers will be very reassuring for you.

Current Special Offers

* please note that anyone requiring a longer than 20 min consultation/assessment can add an additional assessment & discussion time for £20

* x-rays can be released for patients after the consultation for £35.  Patients receiving treatment in London and requiring panoramic x-rays as part of their dental treatment will be charged £35/panoramic x-ray

* appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 72 hours before the booked time.  Please note that we are able to offer a free consultation only once and for patients who have not already missed, late cancelled or late rescheduled appointments.

* This offer is valid for new patients only who have not been registered with us before.

The half price teeth whitening offer is available to individual customers attending the Implant Center’s Budapest clinic who’s total cost of treatment is £1000 or more (not including the cost of the teeth whitening). Please be aware that this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

The offer applies for Camlog and Bio Horizons implants in Budapest only.
Please enquire for full details. Offer valid for our new patients only.

This is offer is available for new patients only. Please contact us for more details.