Our Services

If you are looking for an alternative to high UK dental costs and high end treatments like dental implants but don’t want to sacrifice quality then your search ends here. For over 17 years now we have been guiding more and more people like you towards successfully receiving high quality low cost dentistry abroad.

From your very first inquiry, Smile Savers are committed to taking care of all the details needed to ensure your treatment is truly hassle free. And that your visits to beautiful Budapest are as easy – and enjoyable – as possible…

We will:

Guide you – with full directions – to your first consultation in either London or Budapest

Fully explain all available options

Explain and discuss all treatments on offer

Co-ordinate your visit to Budapest with the Implant Centre team

Book your Implant Centre appointments in London and Budapest

Advise on the best Flight Booking Websites

Provide free transport in Budapest with the Implant Centre’s friendly, English speaking drivers who will meet you at the airport. Or book a pre-paid taxi for late arrivals

Arrange convenient hotels or other accommodation in Budapest – with great discounts. You can even rent a stylish apartment right above the Implant Centre…

Recommend great restaurants in Budapest and offer up-to-date visitor information – including the best places to exchange money

Provide you with a full travel itinerary in advance of your trip

Mediate in the unlikely event of a dispute with your dentist

Offer after care support

Take pride in being a helpful point of contact for every patient – at home or abroad