Smile Makeover for a more confident smile

It need not cost the earth to transform your looks with a winning smile

Whatever treatment you decide on make sure you are given a clear plan and cost before starting. Check there are no hidden costs and make sure your dentist specialises in cosmetic work.

A big smile means so much – it shows we’re happy, feeling good about ourselves and full of confidence. One of the most common excuses for not smiling much is feeling ashamed about our teeth. The best long term solution for smile confidence is a smile makeover – cosmetic dentistry treatment that will change the way you feel about your teeth. Fixing crooked or stained teeth gives you a new found confidence that is a lifetime investment but it needn’t cost the earth. Going overseas for cosmetic dental work can save you thousands of pounds and places like Hungary offer first class treatment.

The first step in your smile makeover will be the smile design process. This usually starts by taking a picture of your teeth and x-rays; from these the dentist can start to advise you on what procedures are needed. Chipped or crooked teeth can be covered with porcelain veneers, broken teeth may need a crown, and missing teeth can be replaced with the high tech dental implants that are now available.

A gummy smile can also be fixed with laser gum contouring and everyone should finish their smile makeover with laser whitening. In Europe, countries such as Hungary offer cheaper prices on smile makeovers which tend to be very expensive in the UK.

Typically, a single crown will cost £500.00 in the UK whist in Hungary they will be around £199.00 Top dental clinics will make the veneers and crowns in their own labs, on site, which helps to bring costs down and speeds up treatment times. Good dentists will also check your general oral health, advising on any fillings or root canal work that you might need.

Whatever treatment you decide on make sure you are given a clear plan and cost before starting. Check there are no hidden costs and make sure your dentist specialises in cosmetic work. Smile Savers Hungary has taken thousands of patients to Budapest for a smile makeover and all have come back with new, confident smiles. A smile makeover can literally be life changing, and with the right care, can last a lifetime.

Pay extra attention to your brushing and flossing routine; remember that beautiful, straight teeth will only look good if they are rooted in healthy gums. If you’ve invested in teeth whitening, keep them bright by using a special whitening tooth paste and remember that smoking will yellow your teeth faster than anything.

Current Special Offers

* please note that anyone requiring a longer than 20 min consultation/assessment can add an additional assessment & discussion time for £20

* x-rays can be released for patients after the consultation for £35.  Patients receiving treatment in London and requiring panoramic x-rays as part of their dental treatment will be charged £35/panoramic x-ray

* appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 72 hours before the booked time.  Please note that we are able to offer a free consultation only once and for patients who have not already missed, late cancelled or late rescheduled appointments.

* This offer is valid for new patients only who have not been registered with us before.

The half price teeth whitening offer is available to individual customers attending the Implant Center’s Budapest clinic who’s total cost of treatment is £1000 or more (not including the cost of the teeth whitening). Please be aware that this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

The offer applies for Camlog and Bio Horizons implants in Budapest only.
Please enquire for full details. Offer valid for our new patients only.

This is offer is available for new patients only. Please contact us for more details.