Say No To Turkey Teeth!

How to Avoid The Pitfalls of Dental Tourism Outside the UK or EU.

Is there a clinic in the UK where you can meet your dentist before you travel?

As a recent documentary by the BBC revealed ( there are many things to watch out for to avoid the disastrous outcomes detailed in the documentary.

Here is our list of things to watch out for to avoid coming home with ‘Turkey Teeth’:

  1. Is there a clinic in the UK where you can meet your dentist before you travel?
    At Smile Savers we utilise a London clinic on top of the main one in Budapest. Our dentists fly in every week to conduct initial consultations – you get to meet your dentist before you even decide whether to fly or not.
  2. Are you provided with a detailed quotation of proposed treatment?
    Just like any professional you hire you need to see exactly what work they are proposing, how long it will take and how much. For example many tourists in Turkey may ask for veneers but get Turkey teeth instead – all their teeth ground down to stumps for the crowns they didn’t ask for.
    At Smile Savers we always provide a detailed treatment plan specific to your dental health. Often separate options are provided where appropriate.
  3. Can you choose to have some of the dental work performed in the UK?
    Because we operate a clinic in central London we can offer to have either some or even all of the dental work carried out in the UK – cutting down on your flights and accomodation costs.
  4. Is your dentist GDC registered?
    Any dentist that also attends to clients in the UK must also be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) providing an extra layer of protection should that be required. For example if a client asked for veneers but instead received a mouthful of crowns the GDC would be able to intervene on the client’s behalf – the dentist would almost definitely be struck off.
  5. What about CQC registered?
    Another layer of protection our clinic offers is the Care Quality Commission’s regular inspections of our dental facilities in the UK ensuring we are up to the high standards they enforce.
  6. Will you have to fly back to receive after care?
    Some procedures including crown and implant work can require either adjustments or in rare cases follow-up treatment. Our UK clinic is there for just that reason. Does your clinic in Turkey offer the same?
  7. Are the materials used high quality?
    The prices quoted in Turkey are often so cheap that high quality materials cannot be purchased for that amount. Since in Turkey there are missing regulations such as those in the EU, patients are almost definitely receiving an inferior product. Unregulated and long-term untested crowns and implants come with high dangers of failure and conditions such as peri-implantitis which develop years later and cause infection and complete failure.
    The question to ask here is exactly what materials are being used and who is the manufacturer. A European manufacturer is a guarantee of quality.

Current Special Offers

* please note that anyone requiring a longer than 20 min consultation/assessment can add an additional assessment & discussion time for £20

* x-rays can be released for patients after the consultation for £35.  Patients receiving treatment in London and requiring panoramic x-rays as part of their dental treatment will be charged £35/panoramic x-ray

* appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 72 hours before the booked time.  Please note that we are able to offer a free consultation only once and for patients who have not already missed, late cancelled or late rescheduled appointments.

* This offer is valid for new patients only who have not been registered with us before.

The half price teeth whitening offer is available to individual customers attending the Implant Center’s Budapest clinic who’s total cost of treatment is £1000 or more (not including the cost of the teeth whitening). Please be aware that this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

The offer applies for Camlog and Bio Horizons implants in Budapest only.
Please enquire for full details. Offer valid for our new patients only.

This is offer is available for new patients only. Please contact us for more details.