Dental Implants – Something To Really Smile About

Dental Implants are the modern solution to replace missing teeth plus supporting bone is maintained and often strengthened

Most people are suitable for dental implants and travelling overseas to dentists in European cities such as Budapest makes the treatment much more affordable.

Thanks to new dental technology, losing your teeth doesn’t have to mean losing your confident smile. Dental implants are a natural looking, permanent solution that will look and feel just like your own teeth. Unfortunately, the only solution to lost teeth on offer at NHS dentists is to have dentures; but even well fitted dentures can cause problems such as clicking or slipping which can rob you of your confidence. Some foods such as crunchy apples or crusty bread can be tricky to eat and over time, as the mouth naturally changes, the denture can rub and cause gum soreness. There are no such issues with dental implants, which if looked after properly can last a lifetime – definitely something to consider if your teeth have been lost at a young age through health problems or an accident.

Another advantage of choosing dental implants is that they preserve the bone in the jaw. If there is no tooth rooted in the bone it will deteriorate over time, leading to sunken cheeks which are very ageing. Dental implants are placed within the jaw bone, and this stimulates bone growth to secure the implant and also strengthen the bone. Most people are suitable for dental implants and travelling overseas to dentists in European cities such as Budapest makes the treatment much more affordable.

Dental implants are made up of two parts – the implant itself which is like an artificial tooth root placed surgically in the bone, and the dental crown which is made to look just like your own teeth. The best crowns have a zirconium core overlaid with porcelain – together the materials perfectly mimic the natural look of your teeth and they are very durable. As you’d expect there are a number of dental implant manufacturers and between them they offer some different price options. Branemark is considered to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of implants, whilst others such as Camlog and A.B. Implants are slightly less expensive. Your dentist will be able to discuss the pros and cons of the different makes and which one is best for you.

So, what’s involved in dental implants? Once your implant specialist has discussed the best options and treatment plan for you, the first step would be to place the implant abutement into a hole which is carefully drilled into the bone. These are either tapped or screwed into place and will immediately have some stability. They have to be left for six to eight months so that the bone surrounding the implant grows and grafts it into place securely. Your dentist will fit a temporary bridge so there is no need to worry about a gappy smile. The second stage is to screw in the replacement teeth, this process may involve a bridge or crowns or a combination of both.

Current Special Offers

* please note that anyone requiring a longer than 20 min consultation/assessment can add an additional assessment & discussion time for £20

* x-rays can be released for patients after the consultation for £35.  Patients receiving treatment in London and requiring panoramic x-rays as part of their dental treatment will be charged £35/panoramic x-ray

* appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 72 hours before the booked time.  Please note that we are able to offer a free consultation only once and for patients who have not already missed, late cancelled or late rescheduled appointments.

* This offer is valid for new patients only who have not been registered with us before.

The half price teeth whitening offer is available to individual customers attending the Implant Center’s Budapest clinic who’s total cost of treatment is £1000 or more (not including the cost of the teeth whitening). Please be aware that this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

The offer applies for Camlog and Bio Horizons implants in Budapest only.
Please enquire for full details. Offer valid for our new patients only.

This is offer is available for new patients only. Please contact us for more details.