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Dental implants with Pink Porcelain Topped Crowns

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Christine was suffering from gum disease, which her sister Teresa was also suffering from. They traveled to Budapest together. Her full mouth rehabilitation took 9 months to complete and Christine was over the moon with the final results.

Christine’s treatment took 9 months to completed, but in the end the final results were aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

Details of the Treatment.

14 extractions
1 upper denture
CT scan
2 sinus bone grafts
13 implants and abutments
19 crowns with pink porcelain on the top
Bite raising appliance

Time Required to Completed Treatment:Three visits were necessary, the 1st was for 3 working days, 3 months later the 2nd for 2 days and after a further 6 months healing the final visit required 8 working days.

Cost: £15479
Estimated Client Savings: £19000

Lead Dentist In This Case

MD, DDS, Specialist Oral Surgeon and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dentist

I feel blessed, for my profession is my hobby, my avocation. I am passionate about my work with which I can make people’s life happier and more complete. I constantly strive to follow the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure my patients have a functional, healthy, and aesthetic smile throughout their lifetime. As the manager of the Implantcenter dentistry, I offer comprehensive dental and oral surgical care utilizing the latest advancements in dentistry and implantology. My staff and I share a commitment to providing high-quality dental care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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