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Extensive Rehabilitation with Dental Implants

When Nicola Lewin contacted us her upper and lower jaws were badly affected by gum disease, her teeth were loose and the x-ray showed excessive bone loss.

Our experienced dental team extracted Nicola’s already failing teeth and replace them with dental implant supported bridges.

Nicola was able to use her new teeth immediately – the function and aesthetic was the same if not better than her normal teeth.

Details of the Treatment.

9 upper Camlog Implants
5 lower Branemark implants
Left and right sinus elevations
12 – 12 unit porcelain fused to gold bridges

The x-ray shown (right) shows Nicola after the dental implant placing and upper & lower bridge fitting.

9 Branemark dental implants were used in the upper jaw and 5 Branemark dental implants in the lower jaw. This case was particularly tricky as there was very little usable bone in the lower jaw in which to place dental implants.

Porcelain fused to gold bridges were used to provide an aesthetically pleasing look and a strong restoration. The dental implant bridges are held in by screws and can easily be removed by a dentist if necessary.

This photo of Nicola with her surgeon Dr. Kaman was taken 8 years after the treatment was completed.

Time Required to Completed Treatment:3 visits, 3 and 6 months apart respectively. The first two visits were for 3 days each and the final required 10 days.

Cost: £18500
Estimated Client Savings: £36000

Lead Dentist In This Case

MD, DDS, Specialist Oral Surgeon and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dentist

I feel blessed, for my profession is my hobby, my avocation. I am passionate about my work with which I can make people’s life happier and more complete. I constantly strive to follow the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure my patients have a functional, healthy, and aesthetic smile throughout their lifetime. As the manager of the Implantcenter dentistry, I offer comprehensive dental and oral surgical care utilizing the latest advancements in dentistry and implantology. My staff and I share a commitment to providing high-quality dental care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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