The Smile Savers Experience

Going to the dentist can be daunting for some, but it is important to receive a full assessment, to talk things through with one of our clinical staff and to weigh up your options prior to travelling abroad or receiving treatment in London.

Should you wish to proceed, we will look at the most cost effective way to achieve the best outcome either in London or in Budapest.

For major dental work, the most economical route is to have treatment in Budapest. Smile Savers will book your appointments, your accommodation, your free airport transfers and help with travel arrangements; our goal is to make your trip as smooth & easy as possible.

Cosmetic procedures, such as crowns and veneers, usually require one visit of 5 ‐ 8 working days (depending on the number of crowns/veneers or bridges fitted).

Dental implants usually require two visits; the 1st is for 2-3 days with a follow up visit 3-6 months later when the implants have fully integrated. The second visit is to uncover the implants and have crowns fitted which can usually be completed in 5-8 working days.

If bone grafts or extractions are needed, the number of visits and healing time can increase. Extractions can be completed in our London clinic to reduce the number of visits to Budapest.