Latest COVID-19 Information - (We are open!)

UPDATE: From 4am 7th January 2022 people returning to the UK will no longer need to self-isolate until receipt of a negative PCR test. Arrivals will instead take a lateral flow test before the end of day 2.

The COVID travel traffic light system used by the UK has been greatly simplified for people returning to the UK from abroad. There is now only GREEN and RED.

The chart shows what is required in terms of  testing on return to the UK as of 4th October 2021.

Hungary is currently in the GREEN list.

Chart courtesy of Simple Politics

Demonstrating COVID-19 vaccination status

From 17 May, people in England who have had the vaccine will be able to demonstrate their COVID-19 vaccination status for outbound travel using the NHS app or letter. In due course, the app will allow people to show evidence of negative tests as they travel out of the country.

The UK government is working with the devolved administrations to ensure this facility is available to everyone across the UK.

Unlike many UK dentists, during the lockdown our London clinic has remained open as our dental staff were able to enter the UK under special licence.

The London clinic is open to restricted numbers of clients and being operated under strict Covid-19 bio-security protocols.
The Budapest clinic is fully open and functioning normally with strict Covid-19 bio-security protocols in place.

Strict Covid-19 Bio-Security Protocols:

These are designed to provide maximum protection for both our clients and clinic staff and include:

  • Full personal protective equipment
  • Full sterilization and break between patients to eliminate the chances of any cross infection
  • State of the art air filtration to minimise aerosols.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are able to receive top quality service and the treatment they demand whilst keeping everyone as safe as is possible.

Travel to Hungary for Medical Reasons: The Current Situation

Despite the current limitations to travel in place across the UK there are however exemptions for medical travellers with the following restrictions:

You must arrange to have a COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours before travelling with an official cover letter prior to travelling to Budapest – this is required by the airline and you will not be allowed to board without one. (please see below for details).

Once in Budapest you will be required to self-isolate in your accommodation until a second negative PCR test is obtained.

The clinic can arrange PCR COVID-19 tests for all their patients for 30,000 HUF (approx £70) per test. If the results are again negative self isolation will no longer be required.

If additional tests are required for accompanying travellers not receiving treatment, the clinic is happy to arrange this as well for the same cost.

Please note that whilst awaiting test results (usually this takes 24 hours), because of the additional permit for medical treatment, patients can undergo treatment at the clinic but must otherwise remain in their accommodation.

We know from our clients recent experience in Budapest that quarantine adherence is routinely policed by the Hungarian authorities.

What to expect at the border when entering Hungary.

Temperature and other checks plus additional questioning about your recent travels can be expected when entering Hungary.

These will be in addition to checks the airline will have already carried out before you board your flight. Anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed to board their flight.

What to expect at the clinic

The clinic has a full COVID-19 protocol in place involving screening all patients for COVID-19 symptoms (temperature and blood oxygen levels). Face masks are required by all. Shoes coverings are supplied and required on entering the clinic. Hand sanitiser is supplied.

During treatment, because of the nature of dentistry which naturally generates potentially virus carrying aerosols, all clinical staff wear full PPE which protects themselves and also their patients.

All clinical staff are tested at least once a week for coronavirus and often many more times than this.

All staff at the clinic are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19.