Latest COVID-19 Information (We Are Open!)

Our London clinic is now open and our dental staff are now able to enter the UK under special licence. The clinic is being operated under strict Covid-19 bio-security protocols.
Whilst Hungary’s border is currently closed to all but a few countries, UK nationals can enter with special permits which we can help arrange for you plus there is an additional
requirment to have 2 valid covid-19 test results taken 48 hours apart and not older than 5 days when entering the country. Please see below for full details.
The Budapest clinic is fully open and functioning normally with strict Covid-19 bio-security protocols in place.

Strict Covid-19 Bio-Security Protocols:

These are designed to provide maximum protection for both our clients and clinic staff and include:

  • Full personal protective equipment
  • Full sterilization and break between patients to eliminate the chances of any cross infection
  • State of the art air filtration to minimise aerosols.

As we know more we will update all our clients by email and also on this page.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are able to receive top quality service and treatment they demand whilst keeping everyone as safe as is possible.

Clinic PPE
Showcasing the huge investment the Implant Center has made to provide state of the art personal protective equipment - keeping our clients and staff as safe as possible.

Travel to Hungary for Medical Reasons: The Current Situation</p>

Every country in Europe including the UK and Hungary now operates a traffic light system to determine how it assess infection risk from people travelling into each member country.

GREEN indicates a similar transmission rate and no quarantine is required.

AMBER indicates a higher transmission rate above what is an acceptable risk to the host country.

Under normal circumstances people arriving from Amber countries must quarantine for 14 days.

RED indicates no one from that country may enter.

Currently the UK regards Hungary as extremely safe and is classified as GREEN by the UK

Hungary on the other hand regards the UK as potentially risky and so is classified as AMBER by Hungary meaning that under normal circumstances UK nationals arriving in Hungary must quarantine for 14 days – usually in their hotel.


From The Home Office Website:

“UK nationals and all other arrivals from the UK, will have to undergo a medical examination for COVID-19 when entering Hungary. You will need to self-isolate for 14 days unless you can provide upon arrival two negative COVID-19 tests, taken 48 hours apart and within five days of your entry date.

If you show signs of COVID-19 on arrival, entry to Hungary may be denied or you may be asked to go into government quarantine for 14 days.”

We recommend that you arrange at least one Covid-19 test prior to travelling to Budapest (see below and it is best to check with the NHS as they offer free testing), then we can book the 2nd test in Budapest, if all is well the home isolation will end on the 2nd day once the results are submitted to the authorities). If you can arrange 2 tests, it’s even better as you will be exempt from the quarantine automatically.

If patients are travelling for IMPLANTS or SURGICAL treatment and are staying for 2-3 days, only 1 tests will be required.

The clinic can arrange a PCR COVID-19 tests to all their patients for 30,000 HUF approx £70/test, which would mean, in addition to the test result from the UK, if the results are negative they can be released from self quarantine 24 hours later.

Usually our clients arrive in Budapest on a Sunday where they are taken directly to their accommodation. Then Monday morning, before starting treatment that day, a COVID-19 swab test will be carried out. Results are ready 24 hours later. If all is well the necessary documentation will be provided and the quarantine requirement is essentially lifted allowing normal activity to be resumed.
If additional tests are required for accompanying travellers not receiving treatment, the clinic is happy to do this for a small charge of £70/test.

Please note that whilst awaiting test results (usually this takes 24 hours), because of the additional permit for medical treatment, patients can undergo treatment at the clinic but must otherwise remain in their hotel.

We know from our clients recent experience in Budapest that quarantine adherence is routinely policed by the Hungarian authorities.

NHS free testing:

Please request your results in an official format with a cover letter from a GP so that it is accepted by border control.
Letterhead, name of the company providing the test, type of test, date of the tests and results, signature.

Fit to Fly Certificate.

You may also want to get tested for coronavirus for your own peace of mind so that you know you’ve done everything in your power to avoid infecting others on your journey.

For those within range of central London, CityDoc currently provide an in person test and provide a ‘Safe to Fly’ certificate.

However please note that there is no guarantee this certificate will be accepted by the Hungarian authorities plus any acceptable test result must be no older than 5 days.

What to expect at the border when entering Hungary.

Temperature and other checks plus additional questioning about your recent travels can be expected when entering Hungary.

These are possibly in addition to any checks the airline will have already carried out before you board your flight. Anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed to board their flight.

What to expect at the clinic

The clinic has a full COVID-19 protocol in place involving screening all patients for COVID-19 symptoms (temperature and blood oxygen levels). Face masks are required by all. Shoes coverings are supplied and required on entering the clinic. Hand sanitiser is supplied.

During treatment, because of the nature of dentistry which naturally generates potentially virus carrying aerosols, all clinical staff wear full PPE which protects themselves and also their patients.

All clinical staff are tested at least once a week for coronavirus and often many more times than this.

Looking to the future

As infection rates in the UK decline we can expect the issue of quarantine to be removed as the UK is classified once again as GREEN.

We expect the COVID-19 protocols the clinic has put in place to remain in force for the foreseeable future.