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Our mission at Smile Savers is to truly transform your teeth. Your looks. And your life. With minimal hassle. At a minimal cost…

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The prices we offer for a full range of truly top quality dental treatments are around 60% less than those normally charged in the UK.

To ensure you get the ultimate result in the shortest possible time, Smile Savers’ work exclusively with the world-renowned Implant Centre in their state-of-the-art clinics, based in London and beautiful Budapest – a leading global centre of dental excellence.

And, as Smile Savers’ brilliant client testimonials show, we take care of every detail of your treatment programme, safeguarding not just your teeth – but your whole wellbeing and peace of mind.

So that you can just relax…and get ready to SMILE!

We provide access to high quality dentistry without the high price tag. With clinics in London and Budapest, the highly trained international dentistry team offers a range of treatments from dental implants and crowns, to veneers, orthodontics, bone grafting and gum contouring. Smile Savers ensures that the desired result is obtained for every client, with the highest professional standards but at a price that is a fraction of the cost of treatment in the UK.

You can rest assured only top quality practitioners are hired, all registered with the relevant dental governing bodies in the UK and Hungary. Implants are placed by qualified oral surgeons and oral & maxillofacial surgeons (not general dentists! – over 30,000 have been successfully). The cosmetic dentists have extensive experience in cosmetic makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation. All the clinics are of the highest standard, in London having been passed by the CQC (Care Quality Commission).

Our London clinic re-opened on 20th July 2020 and are proud to say that we can see you for a consultation in London then you can choose where to have your treatment – London or Budapest.

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The Full Dental Implant Restoration Explained

The Crown 
Here seen from the side, this is a front lateral incisor. There are many options for the type of crown used such as porcelain fused to metal and the latest zirconia based crowns. Not every crown requires an implant; for example, if 3 teeth need replacing next to each other then usually only 2 implants are required with 3 crowns on top.

The Abutment 
The post, which is the upper portion of the abutment, will in this case have the crown cemented onto it after the lower section is attached to the implant below. Notice the curved horizontal line which is designed to fit the lower curve of the crown. None of the abutment will be visible once the crown is fitted onto it. There are options for abutments from standard abutments right up to the most aesthetically pleasing zirconia abutments used primarily for front teeth.

The Dental Implant
None of the implant is visible once the abutment and crown have been fitted. There are a range of implants available and usually you will be able to choose the one that suits your budget. Some implants are better suited to solve certain problems but you will always be advised where this is the case.

So How Much Will It Cost Me To Replace a Tooth?

The end cost of a full tooth restoration depends on your choice of implant and also where you decide to have the restoration carried out; in London or in Budapest.
Below are some examples of pricing we’ve put together for you to compare:

Please note: *All prices are set in Pounds Sterling so you don’t have to watch what the Euro is up to.

EXAMPLE 1: A Full Tooth Replacement (SGS/Alpha Bio dental implant, abutment and crown) Budapest Only
1 SGS/Alphabio Implant £399n/a
1 SGS/Alpha Bio Screw Retained Abutment £200n/a
4 months healing (upper jaw) or 3 months healing (lower jaw)
Panoramic x-ray after the healingFree
1 Impressions, anaesthetics, healing screwFreeFree
1 Implant uncoveringFree£30
1 Porcelain Crown fused to metal anchored on implant £219n/a
Total Cost to Restore The Tooth£818

EXAMPLE 2: A Full Tooth Replacement (CAMLOG dental implant, abutment and crown)
1 Camlog Implant
(10% discount on CAMLOG implants)
£550 -10% = £495£850
1 Camlog Screw Retained Abutment £170£170
4 months healing (upper jaw) or 3 months healing (lower jaw)
Panoramic x-ray after the healingFree£35
1 Impressions, anaesthetics, healing screwFreeFree
1 Implant uncoveringFree£30
1 Porcelain Crown fused to metal anchored on implant £219£499
Total Cost to Restore The Tooth£939 - £55 = £884£1584

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The Smile Savers Experience

Going to the dentist can be daunting for some, but it is important to receive a full assessment, to talk things through with one of our clinical staff and to weigh up your options prior to travelling abroad or receiving treatment in London.

Should you wish to proceed, we will look at the most cost effective way to achieve the best outcome either in London or in Budapest.

For major dental work, the most economical route is to have treatment in Budapest. Smile Savers will book your appointments, your accommodation, your free airport transfers and help with travel arrangements; our goal is to make your trip as smooth & easy as possible.

Cosmetic procedures, such as crowns and veneers, usually require one visit of 5 ‐ 8 working days (depending on the number of crowns/veneers or bridges fitted).

Dental implants usually require two visits; the 1st is for 2-3 days with a follow up visit 3-6 months later when the implants have fully integrated. The second visit is to uncover the implants and have crowns fitted which can usually be completed in 5-8 working days.

If bone grafts or extractions are needed, the number of visits and healing time can increase. Extractions can be completed in our London clinic to reduce the number of visits to Budapest.

  • Stage 1Come meet your dentist at an initial consultation in London, or fly straight to Budapest and see them there
  • Stage 2Receive a full treatment plan for your chosen location, with full breakdown of treatments and costs
  • Stage 3Decided to have your treatment abroad? Let us help you arrange your trip
  • Stage 4Complete your treatment with our world class dental team
  • Stage 5Check up in London if required