Yes it is. We're in central London located between Kings Cross, Farringdon, Chancery Lane and Russell Square a short walk from New Oxford Street.
We offer most of the procedures that the Budapest clinic offers including:
  • Crowns and Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Root Canals and Extractions
  • Hygene Treatments
  • Full diagnostic digital panoramic x-ray
  • Simple bone augmentation
  • Orthodontics (braces) - not available in Budapest
To save you an extra trip to Budapest extractions and temporary teeth can be provided in London, then the rest of the treatment in Budapest.
For example you can have extractions in London in preperation for implants 3 months later in Budapest.
Yes they are. The dentists fly into London on a regular basis so that the dentist you see in London will, most of the time, be the same one who will treat you in Budapest.
Most definately yes.
Master Implantologist Dr Kaman is available to perform various surgeries such as extractions, dental implants and certain type of bone grafts at the London clinic.
Of course for more complicated surgeries with alot of implants or where surgery is required, most of our clients opt to attend our Budapest clinic.
You should speak to one of our expert customer care representatives and they can find a time that's right for you.
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Yes. The London clinic is located over two floors and the ground floor is accessable from the street via a ramp we can provide. The Budapest clinic is set over 6 floors with lift access between all floors.