Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hungary in the EU?

Hungary joined in the EU in May 2004. There are now no travel or trade restrictions in place between the EU and Hungary. EU regulations apply now as in other member states.

Do the dentists speak English?

All of our dentists speak English, German, French and Italian. One dentist additionally speaks Hebrew. In addition and to make things simpler for everyone, we have developed a specialised quoting system, which allows dentists to work in their own language whilst producing client quotes in English.

Do the clinics have modern technology?

Our clinics are fully equipped and up-to-date with digital x-ray systems, the latest computer controlled dental chairs, oral cameras, laser and light teeth whitening systems, computerised patient management.

What if something happens back in the UK?

In our experience the likelihood of complications occurring is extremely small but we have several proven contingencies that we have successfully utilised in the past; including:

We have legally binding contracts in place with our clinics that have procedures in place should something go wrong.

We have direct access to the dentists to get expert advice for you on what the problem could be related to and the quickest way to solve it.

If needed we will arrange an appointment straight away in London or Budapest. Any problems immediately have top priority and appointments are free.

As a flight takes only 2.5 hours you won’t have to wait long. As a comparison, in May, 2005 consumer group Which? contacted 321 UK practices asking if they could get an appointment within 24 hours. Just under half were unable to offer one in this time frame even if the client was prepared to go privately.

How do I know if this is genuine?

We have a long list of very happy and satisfied clients and are able to provide references from them on request. Just ask and we can give you a selection of clients happy to speak to you when convenient for you.

We encourage our clinics to build extensive case histories of their English clients providing good documentary evidence of work completed.

We are a UK registered company held responsible under English law. You can find us on Our company number is 5138878.

Are there things to do in Budapest?

Recently there has been a huge increase in the number of western Europeans visiting Budapest and the result has been Budapest truly coming into bloom.
There are now a wide range of very modern bars, clubs and restaurants catering for all tastes.

Budapest is often described as the ‘Paris of the Danube’ and sometimes the ‘Pearl of the Danube’ and boasts some amazing sights and experiences enriched by a chequered history. It has castles and a palace with an art gallery inside, museums, the biggest parliament in Europe right on the banks of the Danube and, for some most importantly, Budapest, sitting on a geological fault line, has some of the best thermal spas in Europe.

When you’ve cleansed and revived in the spas there’s always the Danube to be explored by numerous boat rides.

Shopping in Budapest is like any major city in Europe and all the major outlets are well represented.

Further Questions?


We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and will aim to get back to you with as much information as we can within 24 hours.