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Gum Contouring and Crowns

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Our client was always unhappy with her gummy smile and decided to undergo cosmetic dentistry with Smile Savers, her treatment included gum contouring, zirconium metal free crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns/bridges and an extraction.

Details of the Treatment.

Our client’s gum line was low and uneven, the teeth were heavily stained, and some were missing.

The gum line was raised with gum contouring and a temporary bridge was fitted to stabilise the gum level. After 8 weeks healing, zirconium metal free crowns were fitted to the front teeth, porcelain fused to metal crowns to the bottom front, premolar and molar teeth.

Polish and clean
6 Zirconium metal free dental crowns
22 Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns
Gum contouring
1 Extraction
Temporary crowns

Time Required to Completed Treatment:2 visits, the first for 2 days and the second for 5 days

Cost: £7828
Estimated Client Savings: £13500

Lead Dentist In This Case


I constantly strive to ensure that with proper communication, cooperation and a patient-oriented approach my patients receive high-quality treatments within short deadlines. I am passionate about developing good relationship with each patient as I believe that mutual trust is enviable in a patient-doctor relationship to make the best decisions. My patients’ dental health is of great importance to me and it is a privilege to be able to give them the best care possible. I pride myself in offering my patients the finest dental treatments available, using the most innovative techniques and performing them in the most comfortable manner possible. I love to transform smiles and feel that my satisfaction comes as a result of improving the lives of those I serve.

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