Smile Savers has been successfully working with the Implant Center Clinics for over 12 years now. There are three centres in Europe. The flagship Budapest clinic is internationally recognised for its outstanding surgical facilities and leading dentistry team. The London and Geneva clinics handle patient consultations and all treatments as standard.

Implant Center London

The London clinic is situated in central London. Here initial consultations and treatments for relatively minor conditions are carried out for those not wishing to travel abroad.

The contemporary clinic is fitted out with dental technology, including 2 surgeries, digital x-rays and sterilisation units with closed transport between surgeries. Aware that generally, no one likes going to the dentist, we have specifically designed a welcoming, calming environment for our patients to relax, before and after treatment. Appointments must be booked in advance.

Implant Center Budapest

Situated right in the heart of Buda’s affluent hills sits the Implantcener. The clinic itself is expansive and extremely well equipped but no more than you would expect for a clinic of this stature. What really sets this clinic apart is the range and depth of experience of it’s staff.

The clinic was established over 13 years ago in Budapest by the long serving members of the practice previously located in the Sopron area. In Sopron they earned their reputation serving the many foreign clients crossing the immediate border from Austria and from that success they moved to Budapest bringing with them some of the most experienced and qualified dental experts in Hungary to rival the best in the world.  Big words you might say but not when you look at their track record in detail, the oral surgeons placed an amazing 30,000 dental implants, all with guarantees and boasts a huge portfolio brimming over with letters of praise from happy clients.  The clinic was also awarded the highly coveted and prestigious Best of Budapest health care award, for seven years running.

The benefit of having treatment in the Budapest clinic is up to 60% reduction in equivalent treatment in the UK or Switzerland.

Budapest Onsite Dental Lab

One of the main advantages, apart from the savings that can be made, is the presence of a highly skilled team of dental technicians. Utilising the latest in computer design and manufacture along side great craftsmanship, delays are minimised, perfect colour matching of teeth is possible and minor alterations available on the same day.

This is one of the main factors other clinics worldwide struggle with having to ship work out causing long delays

Implant Center Geneva

For those preferring Switzerland as a location to have treatment, SmileSavers works with the Implant Centre in Geneva. The same highly experienced and qualified dentists and surgeons are available to clients at each location, ensuring a consistent high level treatment offering across the board.

The clinic exceeds Swiss medical regulations and is fitted with the latest technology for implantology, cosmetic and general dentistry.