About Us

When Simon Purchall fell off his motorbike, he didn’t realise that the accident would impact his finances as much as his health. After several months of recovery, the only thing left to fix were his teeth which he had damaged or lost when he hit the ground. After visiting NHS and private dentists, he realised that the cost of replacing his teeth was prohibitive.

Fortunately for Simon, his Hungarian wife knew that some of Europe’s leading dentists could be found practicing not in London but in Budapest. Hungary was a great, low cost alternative to the UK for private dental procedures, and by travelling to a dentist abroad, Simon replaced his teeth at a fraction of the cost of the UK.

In fact, Simon was so impressed with his experience that he decided to open the doors for others like him to travel to Hungary for dental treatment. By joining together clinics in London, Budapest and later Geneva, he made travelling abroad for dental treatment easy, safe and above all, significantly cheaper than what was on offer in the UK. Simon left his job and put all of his energies into making his experience a reality for others and Smile Savers was born.

That was 13 years ago. Today, Simon and the teams in London, Budapest and Geneva offer the highest quality private dentistry at affordable prices. By consulting in the UK and treating in Budapest, Smile Savers can propose the treatment required, tailor to patient preferences and prepare in London or Geneva and then deliver outstanding quality of treatment and care in Budapest.